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my adventures as a new wife – trying to figure it all out

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Spousal Exercise

Throughout our seven years together I have (on and off evidently) tried to go to the gym and got into good patterns and would fall out. As is I now know that I just wasn’t ready to commit to the mental aspect of getting fit and healthy. Well long story short I have always tried to get Mr B to come with me so I wouldn’t have an excuse to snuggle up on the couch with him and our little furry guy. Can’t snuggle up with him if he’s at the gym!

Prior to our exit from Michigan we were both members at a gym but hardly ever went. Well, New Year – New Us! We joined a gym over the weekend and made a commitment to both go together and tonight was the first night! With the 5K on St. Patty’s Day looming just a little over 9 weeks away I just completed my 1st training run and felt GREAT! I know that it won’t last too long and hard work will come in and I am looking forward to it :-).

3 days into the new me and I am still feeling good about it 🙂 let’s see if I can make it 21 days. (I am pretty sure I saw study somewhere that stated it takes 21 days of repetition to make something a habit and I want to make a habit of eating healthy and being fit. 3 days down 18 to go!


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Failure to Launch

I know I mentioned in a previous post about some of the timing of big life changes that have been happening to Mr B and myself over the past few months. As always “it is a long story” but the basics of it are that a little over a year ago we made the decision to follow a job opportunity for Mr B that took us to South Bend, Indiana. We had numerous discussions about the pro’s and con’s and our future (we were not yet engaged) and what it would mean for us.

Thankfully I was blessed with finding a job before we even moved Mr B into the new apartment. I moved down two weeks after he did and we started our life there. Fast-forward a few months to when we got engaged and were having to spend time up in Michigan a lot doing the planning and our thoughts on where we wanted to plant our roots changed. Quickly realizing how much our families meant to us we made a commitment to ourselves that we’d be moved back to Michigan by Summer 2013. Little did we know fate would have us here a whole year sooner.

On a trip home in early April Mr B’s mom was telling him of some changes at his old employer and how a position he had once wanted was open now. I talked him into applying “what could it hurt” and we were thrusted into a – no joke – three month long process. I always in the back of my mind wanted him so badly to get the job so we could move home, I had not grown un-happy with our life in Indiana but it was lonesome, we knew no one but ourselves and because of work schedules and traveling back and forth for wedding planning and fall activities we had a hard time getting to know people.

Well, as I said it was a three month process from the time he applied but after three months he was finally offered the job and we made the decision to move back home to Michigan, no house, no job for me and a wedding a little over a month away. We are so lucky his best friend has allowed us to move back in with him temporarily while we house-hunt but that is where we have failed to launch. After almost two full months of house hunting and three offers we are still at square-one. Not only that I have also yet to find a job – no good.

So here we are on our one-month anniversary of our marriage still living with our Best Man and his fiancé and me still looking for a job. I know life could be worse but I have to say this is not exactly how I thought the first month of my marriage would be. Please do not get me wrong I am so in love with Mr B and LOVE being Mrs B more than anyone can imagine I just wise our lives where exactly where we wanted them to be and everything was in place, but alas I suppose if that were the case it would not be life.

This has gotten longer than I expected so I’ll leave with just one thought – I suppose it doesn’t matter where I live or whom I live with beyond Mr B as long as we are together. I know that in due time we’ll find a house and I’ll land an awesome job but until then I’ll be content that we haven’t fully launched yet and continue to love every minute I get to spend as Mrs B!