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I am not the best at posting all the time (even though I have not had an excuse not to seeing as I’ve been unemployed!) but things have actually all been falling into place for Mr B and myself over the past month. I mentioned last time how things have been a bit rocky since we moved back home not with our marriage nor our relationship but more so with my self-esteem with everything. Well my friends (or lack-there-of on here at this point womp womp) things are on the up-and-up and we could not be more thrilled!

We have FINALLY found a home, a gorgeous home, our dream home, our FIRST home and we are so so so close to closing on it like a matter of days now that we are giddy little school girls right now waiting to get the call!

(*please do not mind the bright pink mailbox we will be getting rid of it ASAP) But this is our home! It doesn’t look like a lot from the front however it is spacious (1400 sq.ft.) 3-bedrooms 1 bathroom and an open floor plan completely updated!

AND very excited that starting Monday I will officially be working full-time again! After (almost) 4-months of nothing but staying at home looking for jobs I am finally able to join the working world again and am beyond thrilled! I feel so blessed that I was able to find what is basically my “dream” job. (I say “dream” job because let’s be honest for right now starting back up again it is exactly what I was looking for!)

So there you have it my friends life has been moving on for the B’s and we couldn’t be more thrilled for what is coming up! I’ll make sure to post a full picture tour both pre-move and post-move so you can see what our home looks like :-).

And since I want to re-live our day that was just a short few months ago be on the look out for our wedding and honeymoon posts in the coming weeks 🙂