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my adventures as a new wife – trying to figure it all out

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Holiday Season

It amazes me that the Holidays are already creeping up on us for this year. I can remember almost exactly everything of last year around this time, Mr B and I were still living in IN and we had been talking about getting engaged but little did I know shortly after the New Year we would be and then 7 months later we became man and wife.

There are a lot of things that hint that the season is upon us and come November 1st I always want to break out all of my decorations and start getting ready to enjoy the season fully! Sadly this year most of my things are packed away in boxes just waiting to become unpacked and let free again.

I may not have my awesome Frosty the Snowman coffee mug to use just yet but I am sweetening up my morning coffee with some Holiday spirit!

Last year Mr B and I got to go to Washington DC, my first trip ever, to visit friends and see the sites a few weeks prior to Christmas and I LOVED the decorations and can’t wait to drive around this year and see all of the festive lights and decorations in our new area. Here are a couple from last year’s trip!

This tree was absolutely huge and gorgeous and it put me in the Christmas spirit last year. Who knows what this year will bring but I am beyond excited for it!



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Beginning of a New Chapter

A little over seven years ago I was a freshmen at Michigan State University when I first caught his eyes. I had no idea then what kind of a ride I was in for, but seven years later and I am here starting this new adventure as his wife – him being Mr B of course. There is so much going on in life right now that my new life as Mrs B is a hectic and exciting one. I always want to remember my life and things that happen in it and that is what I plan on doing.

My life as Mrs B is not some glamours life but it is mine, and I get to share it with my best friend Mr B. Who knows what life has in store for us, however I couldn’t be more excited to find out!