Life of Mrs B

my adventures as a new wife – trying to figure it all out


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Although Mr B and myself have been together going on seven years now I have noticed a transition that is occurring and one I would not have thought I’d notice. Even though we have lived together for three years there is an odd unspoken transition that is coming forth.

It is nothing huge but it is a consideration for your spouse, your other half. Not that we are having issues in the slightest but it’s odd to think of how nothing would change in your relationship (or not much) but yet still finding small things.

One of the things I love most about Mr B is his willingness to work with me in almost every regard. I’ll save it for a later post but I am not working right now which is a change in itself since I have always been self-sufficient monetary wise for the past seven years since we’ve been together. I think that the transition of consideration is stemmed from the events that have occurred in the past four months for us (we relocated back to Michigan after a year away back in July – again more on that later).

I know that I am not alone and every couple goes through a transition phase in their relationships and ours is no different, I count my lucky stars it is not a bad one by any means but a transition still. I have loved everyday that I have been Mrs B thus far and know that these transitions we are having will only bond us together stronger and help our relationship in the long-run!


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